Amy Lee O’Flaherty

April 05, 2014 · Uncategorized ·  

I’m a lifestyle photographer and Mama of two littles based in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

My love for photography, especially child portraiture has grown since having children. So many of the images I capture are inspired by my own mini muses.

I believe being an introvert myself, brings a soft unique quality to my work. Through my own experiences growing up and in everyday life, I’ve always assumed the role of a quiet observer. Having children, has taught me the true meaning of patience. Allowing them to be in their own element provides me with the unique opportunity to tell their timeless story. I watch and wait for that magical expression, it’s all in the eyes.

Graduating from NSCC with diplomas for Applied Media and Communications Art, Photography, Digital Imaging and Graphic Design provided me with a technical background. Having children has renewed my passion and given me the opportunity to fulfill my dream of expanding my business and realizing a career in lifestyle and fine art photography through the wonder of childhood living.

Let’s face it adulting through life is complicated, remembering childhood living, is easy to do.